Long Mountain Loop w/Bushwhack


We would like to thank Jim Tomlin and Catherine Kelleher for scouting this route and sharing their GPS data with us.

Description: This is a 9 mile moderate loop on the Great North Mountain. It is, however, not for beginners. It involves a 2.4 mile bushwhack up and over Long Mountain. It requires either good compass and map skills or a good GPS unit and a lot of experience using it.

The initial climb up Long Mountain offers views of Halfmoon Mountain to the east and of Thorny Bottom Ridge to the west.

The bushwhack is challenging, steep on both sides of the ridge. Once you reach Trout Pond Road you'll enjoy a pleasant stroll along the lower portion of Halfmoon Tr, a wide grassy woods road, before joining the Bucktail Connector Tr for the final leg of the trek.

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There will be a forest service road on the east side of Trout Run Road with 521 painted on the back of its stop sign. There will be yellow blazes on trees going along the west side of Trout Run Road and Orange blazes on trees going up the forest service road. Turn onto the forest road and drive up to the forest gate on the right. Park on the shoulder but do not block the gate.



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Trail Notes: From the parking area, do an about face and walk down the forest road. Cross Trout Run Road and pick up yellow blazed Long Mountain Trail. In about 0.24 miles arrive at Trout Run. A nice campsite is to the left. A memorial plaque dedicated to David Ofstad is mounted on the rock face on the other side of the stream. Cross the stream on a newly constructed bridge and immediately begin to climb up Cherry Ridge. The footpath soon gives way to an old jeep road. Keep an eye out for views of Halfmoon Mountain on the left.


In another 2.11 miles arrive at a wildlife clearing. Turn right on a woods road to stay on Long Mountain Trail.


In 0.4 miles come to a 4X woods road junction. Long Mountain Trail continues to the left but you'll be starting the bushwhack here. Look for a brown metal stake with a yellow blaze on the left. Enter the woods here. Follow the GPS track provided to reach Dog Rock. If using a compass and map, you'll initially be traveling almost due south on a diagonal up the ridge. In about 0.4 miles you'll veer a little more to the east. Keep an eye out along the ridge for Dog Rock. Once you spot this landmark take the best route you can find to get there. After exploring Dog Rock return to the base of it and travel south-east a little until you can work your way around to the front (east) side of the base of Dog Rock. Either using the GPS track or traveling due east w/the compass descend from there on a diagonal. You'll cross a rock scree and eventually come to a part time stream. Cross the stream and turn right onto an old sketchy footpath. This path with go around a hill and pretty much disintegrate. From here you'll descend towards Trout Run Road but bear a little to the north-east. You'll pass a permanent deer stand on your right and soon find your self on an old woods road. Turn left onto the woods road. You'll be able to see the road through the trees. When you see a gravel road junction on the other side of Trout Run Road turn right, out of the woods, and cross to this gravel road. 509 will be painted on the back of the stop sign post. Follow it to the bridge over Trout Run and the Halfmoon Trailhead.

This lower section of Halfmoon Tr is a wide grassy woods road for the most part. What ever hills there are are slight to say the least. In 1.44 miles cross Halfmoon Run and arrive at the junction of pink blazed Bucktail Connector Tr on the left. Take this trail to its end in 2.59 miles to the junction w/orange blazed Bucktail Trail (another woods road). Turn left and in a short distance arrive back at your car.


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Name: Tony                                                                                                               Hike: Long Mountain Loop w/Bushwhack
Date: 4/5/2006                                                                                                        Rating: 4

Critique: This is a great hike if you want to go out and do a little bushwhacking and get away from the trails a little. You can't make a day loop using the Long Mountain Trail, with it's great views and Trout Run, without doing the loop here. The bushwhack portion is a single climb over Long Mountain, and if you use the TOPO! file in your GPS, it will make it that much easier. Wear long pants instead of shorts, as the underbrush is thick at the beginning of the hike and poison ivy will start making its appearance as the year it gets warmer.


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