Sandstone Falls


Description: This little trek in almost too short and easy to post. It is also too beautiful to not comment upon. If you are in the area this stop is a must. The 0.5 mile out and back on the boardwalk can be done in flip-flops. If you need to stretch your legs some consider adding the Sandstone Falls Trail. More robust footwear is required here since some of the path is rocky. To really get the feeling of the power of this 1500 foot wide waterfall follow an unsigned but pretty obvious trail towards the main falls. This will require crossing three cross-channels and a little bit of rock hopping but the rewards will be worth it. The following Trail Notes describe a 1.4 mile walk covering it all.


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Trail Notes: From the parking area cross a man-made channel previously used for a grist mill on a bridge. Shortly arrive at the first view of the falls. There will be an opening in the boardwalk to the left. This is the Sandstone Falls Trail. Turn left here and follow the man-made island in a short 0.6 mile loop back to the boardwalk. Turn left onto the boardwalk and cross a wider natural channel on another bridge. In another 0.12 miles come to the end of the boardwalk and a good view of the main falls.


After taking in the falls do an about face. To get closer to the falls turn left and descend a short set of steps and pick up an obvious but unmarked trail. Follow it for about 0.15 miles. You will rock hop or wade across three cross channels or streams. After the last one the trail will disappear. From there it is a short open bushwhack to the face of the falls.


Retrace your steps to the boardwalk and follow it back to your vehicle.



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